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Our Company

SOFIRN is a trademark owned by Shenzhenshi Jinba Technology Co. Ltd

Located in shenzhen, China, Jinba Technology Co. Ltd is a factory growing from OEM, ODM to OBM.

Before the brand name was born, the boss Qidong Yang asked for many suggestions to pick a name easy to remember and meaningful. Finally he picked SOFIRN which comes from his dear wife's name. Yang loves SOFIRN as deeply as he loves his wife and his two kids. Yang made up his mind trying best to make SOFIRN a worldwide well-known brand name.

First of all, we care about customers, we offer great quality and great price at the same time. There are several flashlight brands there great but expensivee, common users deserve a flashlight qualified enough, tough enough and interesting enough to use and play with. As a small company, before our team is professional enough, we listen to our cutomers. Thanks to BLF members and other fans of sofirn, we started our journey by selling SF14, SP32, SP31 etc in 2016-2017.

Then in 2018-2019, SOFIRN built a more professional team with engineers from well-known companies. SF14 V2.0, SP32A V2.0, SP31 V2.0, SP36 series, C8F, C8G, SP70, SP33 V3, IF25 was released. We also made some BLF version flashlights because we always listen to our customers. We designed great products, sold many units.

In 2020, all companies in China were affected by the coronavirus. But SOFIRN has faith. We believe we can and we will grow again. We will improve in designing, inventory management, shipping services, quanlity control, marketing etc. To make every aspect perfect is not easy, but we keep trying our best. Because we have a dream that bring light to the world and make SOFIRN well-known as a trusted brand.

We stay with SOFIRN, we stay with you, future will be brighter!

Barry Lee
March 1st, 2020
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