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SP36 BLF Anduril Rechargeable with 3 Batteries, 5000K/4000K/2700K

3 tint options: LH351D 5000K 90CRI; LH351D 4000K 90CRI; LH351D 2700K 90CRI
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    LH351D 5000K
    LH351D 4000K
    LH351D 2700K
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Please calibrate the temperature if you find it steps down before getting hot.
This video below tells how.

Model Number: SP36 BLF Anduril(latest 20200318 firmware)


One of the best soda can style lights on the market, the SP36 BLF Anduril is the most popular iteration of the SP36 line of flashlights. With four powerful LH351D emitters, the SP36 outputs a blasting 5650 lumens of beautiful, high cri light. The SP36 also utilizes Toykeeper's renowned Anduril user interface, to deliver a level of customization found nowhere else. A super flooder in a class of its own, the SP36 uses three 18650 batteries to deliver unprecedented runtimes while maintaining a manageable size. This perfect balance of size and performance makes the SP36 a prime choice for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, boating, emergency prep, search and rescue, fishing, cycling, or backpacking. With optional warm color temperatures and integrated charging, the SP36 also makes a great indoor light, perfect for blackouts or just around the house.
Model: SP36 BLF Anduril (Using latest 20200318 firmware)
Output: 5200-5650 Lumens MAX (estimated)
Emitters (3 tint options):
LH351D 5000K 90CRI Pure white
LH351D 4000K 90CRI Neutral white, has a slightly warm tint
LH351D 2700K 90CRI Warm white, has a very warm tint
User Interface: Anduril (See text-based instructions here)
Power Draw on Turbo: 50 watts
Battery Type: 3 x 18650
Color: Black
Waterproof: YesWhat’s in the box:
1 flashlight; 1 USB-A to USB-C charging cable; some spare parts; manual
● Default Brightness: 
A mode(7 lm)- B mode(35 lm)- C mode(100 lm)-D mode(230 lm)- E mode(650 lm)
F mode(1400 lm)- H mode(2450 lm)- G mode(5000 lm)
Note: the SP36 puts out an immense amount of light, which generates heat over time.
Please watch this video which shows how to thermally calibrate the SP36:

The product uses copyrighted code released under the GNU Public License v3 (GPLv3).
To know about the exact source code used in the product, please go to

Safety Instruction
* Do not point the beam at peoples eyes. Doing so could cause retinal damage.
* SP36 (SP36 Pro) is a very high-intensity flashlight. Do not point directly at a person, animal, moving vehicles or flammable materials. Please do not allow children to play with it.
* Avoid hitting or dropping the flashlight.
* Please install the cells correctly, make sure the anode side towards the head.
*Please know that it gets hot quickly when you use the max brightness, it drops down to much lower brightness automatically to avoid over heating.
*Please avoid using max brightness too long before it gets very hot.
The product uses copyrighted code released under the GNU Public License v3 (GPLv3).
To know about the exact source code used in the product, please go to
Technical Parameters
Modes Moonlight - Turbo  
Brightness 1 LM - 5600 LM (8000LM)  
Running Time Lower brightness, longer running time  
Distance Max 350 meters (450m)  
Intensity 10000 cd (51000 cd)  
Impact Resistant 1 Meter
Water Resistant IPX8, underwater 2 Meter (Not for diving)
Notes Note: The running time may vary according to usage, batteries and environment. Turbo is tested under temperature regulation.
We tested flashlight in lab by sofirn 3000mAh 18650battery.
And the operation temperature is 0℃-40℃.
4*LH351D (4*SST40)
Voltage: 2.8 - 4.2 volts
Battery Supported: 3x 18650 li-ion battery
Dimension: 126.7mm x 50mm
Net Weight: 300g without battery
Made by Aircraft 6061 grade-aluminum alloy, Premium type hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash.
Toughened glass lens
Mode Memory: It memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes. It will activate the last brightness you selected, when you turn on the flashlight next time.
Advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology
It adjusts the brightness level automatically when the light temperature reaches 45to keep the light from overheat. You can reset the temperature limit, please contact us if you want to know more details.
Low Voltage Protection
LVP makes the light step down to a lower level when the battery is lower than 2.8V, and if the light is already at the lowest level, it shuts itself off.
Battery Specifications:
Battery Types Dimension & Quantity Nominal Voltages Can be used or not
Li- ion battery 18650 *3 button top 3.7V Recommended
Battery Replacement:
Unscrew the body, and insert battery with the anode side(+) towards the lights head/ LED, and then screw the tail cap back on.
Operation Instruction:
Quick start
*Unscrew the head and insert the battery. Take care with the polarity: Plus points toward the head.
*Screw the head back. The SP36 (SP36 Pro) blinks once to confirm it has power and is now operational. Tighten the head. Do not over-tighten.
*When you change the batteries the lamp starts always at the regulated level at ~125 lm (1x7135).
*All functions are performed using the electronic side switch. And basic usage is very simple: Click  for on/off, hold to change brightness. Release and hold again to change brightness the other way.
*From OFF, hold the button. The light output will ramp up from a very low level to Ceiling-Of-The- Ramp. Release the button when the required light level is reached. (The full ramp takes about 3 s.) Use a single-click at any time to turn the light OFF. Please see below for further details.
*While ramping it does subtle blinks to signal: Max regulated level (1x7135) and CEILING.
*The SP36 (SP36 Pro) has two different ramps: SMOOTH RAMP and STEPPED RAMP. You can change between them when the lamp is ON with 3 clicks. Each ramp has its own individual settings for floor(lowest level), ceiling (highest level). And the stepped ramp can also have a configurable number of steps.
*TURBO is only for short times. At around a minute you may notice it dims slowly down! The user should use it only for short periods instead of relying on thermal regulation to prevent heat damage. Full turbo is powerful enough to start fires in just a few seconds, especially when aimed at dark-colored materials.
UI Diagram  Not everything is covered in the diagram, please read the text.
Default UI: Smooth ramping
This UI provides smooth dimming of the light output between FLOOR (lowest level) and CEILING (highest level), with an easily accessible 100% TURBO mode.
Switch to STEPPED RAMP: click 3 times while the light is on( If you use 3 clicks from OFF you engage battery check)
Turn the light ON: single-click the button, the SP36 (SP36 Pro) turns ON using the previously used light output level (MEM)
Ramp up&down: hold the button to make it brighter, release button briefly and hold again to make it dimmer.
Turbo: no matter the light is on or off, double click activate Turbo for max brightness.
MOON: press & hold the switch, it turns on at the moonlight(FLOOR level), it makes a subtle blink to provide a timing hint if you want to stay there. If you keep holding, it ramps up
Battery check: while light is OFF, triple-click it shows the voltage of battery (3 blinks, a short pause, then 8 blinks would indicate 3.8 V)
Turn OFF: single-click
UI: Stepped ramping
Using this UI the output does not ramp, it steps from one mode to the next using hold. The firmware tries to optimize these steps as equally-spaced on a cube-root curve (considered an ideal mode-spacing by many).
All operations are the same as in smooth ramping Switch to SMOOTH RAMP: when the lamp is ON, Three clicks switch it. (Hint: If you use 3 clicks from OFF you engage battery check)
UI: Momentary mode
5 clicks from OFF to enter Momentary mode
To exit this mode, physically disconnect power (unscrew the light). This mode locks the flashlight into a single-mode interface where the LEDs are only on when the button is held down. It is intended for Morse code and other signaling tasks. Brightness is the last-ramped level, so adjust that before entering momentary mode.
UI: Muggle mode
Muggle mode is for lending the SP36 (SP36 Pro) to others who know little about flashlights. It has a reduced output to make sure somebody wont start a fire. An extremely simple interface with a limited brightness range ~5 lm to ~240 lm, with slow smooth ramping and no blinkies. Persists after a battery change.
MUGGLE mode ON: from OFF, 6 clicks to enter
MUGGLE mode OFF: 6 clicks to exit
One click ON / OFF and HOLD to ramp up / down.
UI: Electronic Lockout
4 clicks form OFF to disable the light, same to re- enable the lamp.
Lockout makes the light safe to carry in a pocket or a bag or anywhere else it might be pressed by accident. Lockout doubles also as a momentary moonlight mode, so the user can do quick tasks without having to unlock the light. It uses the FLOOR of the current ramp.
Blinkies & Strobes
Two groups worth of blinkies are included. To reach Blinkies, do click click click from OFF. To reach Strobes, do click click hold from OFF. To change to the next blink use a double-click. These include:
Group 1 Blinkies:
(starts always at battcheck) from OFF: click click click to BattCheck: Shows the remaining charge in volts and tenths.E.g. 4 blinks, then pause, 1 blink are 4.1 Volt. A "zero" is represented by a very quick blink.
Starts at a low level, then slowly dims down to moon for an hour, then shuts off. It is intended for use when going to bed.
Beacon mode uses the last ramped level for its brightness. You must adjust the brightness before you turn beacon on. It blinks at a slow speed: Once every N seconds at the last-ramped level. N is configurable in beacon config mode: Click 4 times to enter beacon config mode, wait for the light to stutter, then click to enter the number of seconds per blink. For example, to do a 10-second alpine beacon, click 10 times. (Hint: If you want faster blinks per second use party strobe mode and set it to three blinks per second or more)
Blinks out the current temperature in degrees C. and optionally configure settings for thermal regulation. E.g. 3 blinks, then pause, 4 blink are 34 degrees Celsius. A "zero" is represented by a very quick blink. This number should be pretty close to what a real thermometer says. If not, it would be a good idea to click 4 times to enter thermal config mode, and calibrate the sensor.
Group 2 Strobes:
(remembers the last-used mode) from OFF: click click hold which means click three times, but hold the third click for a moment. To change to the next strobe use a double-click.
To set adjustments you can use:
-Hold: Increase brightness, or strobe faster. (except lightning)
-Click, hold: Reduces brightness, or strobe slower. (except lightning)
Candle mode:
Simulates a flickering candle or fireplace, until you switch it OFF. Or you add timer for 30min: Each triple click adds 30 min including a burn down simulation at the end. Candle mode timer can go for up to 4.5 hour. If you buy diffuser of SP36 (SP36 Pro) separately, you can turn the light into a candle.
Bike flasher:
Steady output with a stutter once per second. Designed to be more visible than a normal ramping mode, but otherwise works mostly the same. Adjustable brightness.
Party strobe:
Motion-freezing strobe. Can be used to freeze spinning fans and falling water. Adjustable speed.
Tactical strobe:
Bright, disorienting strobe light. Can be used to irritate people. Adjustable speed, and the duty cycle is always 33%.
Lightning storm mode:
Flashes at random brightness and random speed to simulate lightning strikes during a busy lightning storm. Do not look directly at the flashlight when this mode is running, because it may suddenly go to full power without warning.
Note: the light has a nice candlelight mode, the effect is bigger if you use a diffuser. Lightning storm is also more fun with a diffuser. Diffuser is sold separately.
Thermal configuration
Look at a thermometer to check the current room temperature. Let us assume it says 21 Celsius.
Turn the light off and wait for its temperature to settle to room temperature. Go to TempCheck (from OFF: Click Click ClickAscend with double-clicks three times) When you are in TempCheck, then click 4 times to enter thermal config mode, and calibrate the sensor.
Thermal config mode has two settings:
1. Current temperature Calibration. Click once per degree C to calibrate the sensor. For our example, the ambient temperature is 21 C = click 21 times.
2. Temperature limit. This sets the maximum temperature the light can reach before it will start doing thermal regulation to keep itself from overheating. Click once
per degree C above 30. For example, to set the limit to 50 C, click 20 times. The default is 45 C (15 clicks).
Hint: If you dont click, the lamp will leave the value unchanged. The lowest value the user can set is 31 C, by clicking once.
-You tried to configure your lamp and now it is only working if you press the button.
When you press 4x from OFF you lock out the lamp. Press four times again to unlock. When you want to config the lamp must be ON, and then click four times.
-If I turn on using moon shortcut, it wont memorize moon.
In short: the SP36 (SP36 Pro) has only memory if you ramp to a value.
It doesnt memorize the floor, ceiling, or turbo levels when theyre reached by a shortcut. This is on purpose, because people didnt like losing their memorized level after using moon or turbo. To make it remember moon, the user must ramp to ittypically, by ramping up a little then back down. Basically, it behaves that way because thats what people asked for.
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